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By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

On one pustular campout we had invited some second year Webelos to join us. This campout was at a small lake about 90 minutes from our city. I remember we had a big court of honor at the end of this campout so maybe it was also when we invested the Webelos into the Troop. Anyway it doesn't really matter....It was growing later in the day, the sun was setting, it was getting dark and...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

A while back a friend and I went to a canyon about an hour out of town near the Colorado river below the hover dam. Eldorado canyon was the location of a big mine, now it is a good place to get to the river, and the home of a very very very small town. This post is just some pictures from this trip.(you can right click on the photo and select view image for...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

Many years ago I created a large group first aid kit out of a tackle box. In this post I am going to give you a tour of my kit in the hopes it may help you create or improve your groups first aid kit. As you can see its a pretty simple kit that has most things we need. This kits fits me and my level of training, skill and comfort level. Someone else...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

This is another tale from my trip as a Scout to Philmont. For two or maybe it was three days we had two pack mule that joined us on our trail journey. A fair amount of that time I held on the rope of one of the muels. One of the things that amazed me the most is how that mule would wait till we got to a stream, and it was every stream to...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

I found what follows on this website Bottle—One Million Years Okay, we don’t really know whether a glass bottle takes a million years, two million years, or a million years and one day to degrade since no one has been monitoring them for that long. But suffice it to say, when a glass bottle isn’t recycled, it sticks around for a really, really long time. Glass is primarily of composed of silica—the same material...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

This story actually occurred to me as a Scout... No I was not bitten by a snake but I came close twice. As a teenager hiking I tended to just hike, pay attention to the scenery, chat with the other Scouts, etc but did not really keep an eye on the trail itself. The first time I was walking down the trail at the bottom of the Grand Canyon when one of the leaders behind...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

I come to the edge of a beautiful valley. To the left I see a small village. Looking out of the windows, I see people waving there hands beckoning me to come visit them and hear what they have to say. Turning my head to the right I see a few house here and there and a few more people beckoning me to come for a visit. On the other side of the town is...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

As a teenager I created this weird concoction that I called “Tuna Fish Surprise”. It is one of those dishes I thankfully out grew and would make even a pregnant woman craving the weirdest things cringe. Ok I'm sure your dying to know what the ingredients of this dish are... and I pray you didn't have your lunch yet.1.Tuna fish 2.spoon of mayo 3.relish 4.cheerios 5.crumbled chips 6.crumbled pretzels 7.crumbled soda crackers 8.crumbled graham crackers...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

To often in life we forget about helping others. Doing a good turn daily is a important aspect of life that I do believe I practice enough and I am sure many of you don't do as often as you should. But what is a good turn? Is it helping an old lady across the street? Feeding a homeless person? Helping a injured animal? Assisting some one in need? Taking the newspaper to the door...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-04-11

As a small lad, maybe like 3-6 years of age I had this bad tendency to put bobby pins and screw drivers in outlets. I really don't know why I did it. Maybe I just liked the jolt of electric, or maybe I liked to see the sparks … who knows. I did this many times over a few years, got burned a few times even. On more then occasion I would use my play...[More]

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