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When in the outdoors there are many ways to protect your food from animals and insects. Really the best way of doing this is keeping those items that need to be kept cold in a sturdy ice chest that is stored out of the way in a shady location. The rest of the food should be kept in plastic boxes that seal tight. If the food item is open then it needs to be secured,...[More]

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Can you survive with out a TV? Can your child? I know I can as I watch very little TV now, although I tend to spend way to much time on the Internet, but I guess that is expected since I make a living from the Internet.Did you know... "American children and adolescents spend 22 to 28 hours per week viewing television, more than any other activity except sleeping. By the age of 70 they...[More]

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This is a pet peeve of mine... I am getting real tired of walking into a store and seeing open products discarded on the store shelves. I see this often with things like soda and candy, and I would guess at least 25% of the time the item is only partially used. It may seem like a small thing, but it isn't lets assume just 5 people does this every day and that the product...[More]

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I took these pictures on October 5, 2009. The pictures of the Las Vgeas Strip and Downtown were taking from a vantage point about 12 miles from the strip. The other picture is of a place called "The Wetlands Tail". All these pictures were taking on a Oylumpus D-5000 digital SLR. Please feel free to offer suggestions on how I can improve my photography skills. ...[More]

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It is strange I am saddened writing this post, as it brings to an end a 16 part mini-series I titled “Kamp Kitchen”. Yet I am writing this before I have even posted the first post of this series onto the website. I hope you have enjoyed this mini-series and found it helpful.This last post will be short it is just to show you, as you can see, my entire kitchen fits into one box...[More]

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There are many names for these boxes including Grub Box and Patrol Box. The important part is these are usually wood or plastic boxes that are used to store all of your kitchen gear in. Thes boxes can be complicated and well designed, or just a simple rubber maid box.A big factor I need to point out... make sure the box is of a size and weight that the Scouts can manage it.One of InsaneScouter...[More]

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There are many different types and sizes of coolers. For most of our campouts ones that plug into the car will be to small, and not practical for extended stays. I also find the cheap foam throw away ones not the best option for campout after campout. I also believe they are also harder on the environment. Most of us will use the standard plastic re-usable ice chests.Obviously the primary function of a camp cooler...[More]

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Personally I believe it is a good idea to always have a first aid kit in the kitchen. First aid kits and what it contains can very wildly. The one I have pictured is a smaller on I carry hiking and camping as my personal kit. I also have a large group kit that I made from scratch, in a large fishing tackle box. Regardless of what first aid kit you use make sure you...[More]

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I recently had the chance to interview Jake Boritt the Director of 759: Boy Scouts of Harlem. Hope you enjoy. What was the motivation, the drive behind making the film? I had recently moved to Harlem and was fascinated by the neighborhood. I was exploring angles to make a film about Harlem. I was just finished my film Budapest to Gettysburg when Justin returned from an 18 month trip around the world looking to get...[More]

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When in camp, what kind of tables do you use? I bet this is a silly question for many of you, as you go to established camp sites and use the existing panic tables. What do you do if you camp in a place with no tables, or not enough tables?What I like to use are six-foot bi-fold folding tables. The tables I use came from a local store for $45 each. The packaging claims...[More]

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Beautiful cake for m
Beautiful cake for my son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor! She did a fabulous job!!...

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