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Outdoor Safety

Firemn Chit Course
Firem'n Chit Course Objective: Instruct students on proper use and safety of heat sources Introduction What is the Firem’n Chit Requirements of What does the Firem’n Chit Cover ...

Firestarter 1
Any tips on starting a fire with damp wood? This is for a survival class, so "keep your wood covered" is not the answer I'm looking for. The scout handbood ...

Firestarter 2
Having some newspaper or solid lighter (meta tablets, cardboard impregnated with parrafine, etc) helps a lot. Someone on rec.backcountry suggested to use rests of acrylic plastic. I don't recommend it (I ...

Firestarter 3
Check the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge pamphlet and the Field Book. Our troop frequently has wet wood fire building contests. Soak acouple of logs for a day or two, give ...

Firestarter 4
Two ways that I thought of both stem from "being prepared". FIRST: What about those magnesium blocks/flint combos? Easy to carry. SECOND:Easy firestarter to carry: Soak charcoal in lighter fluid, then coat ...

Firestarter 5
Just to add one more thought. The temperature of your wood is important. Surely you've noticed that it's much easier to light your campfire on a warm afternoon than on ...

Firestarter 6
I've found that the best way to start a fire with wet or damp wood is to be prepared and carry a road flare with you. If you put your ...

Firestarter 7
Try starting with "squaw wood." This is dead wood and twigs still on the tree (off the ground) and in arms reach (don't have to bend over to pick it ...

Firestarter 8
A previous poster suggested soaking cardboard in lighter fluid and then covering with wax as a firestarter. We have reasonable success using cardboard egg cartons, wood chips/sawdust, and paraffin. In ...

Firestarter 9
This is another variation on the egg carton idea... My scoutmaster always had what looked like miniature egg carton shells that were about 1/2 the size of regular egg-type cartons. ...

Personal Equipment List
  Quantity Equipment Notes 1 1 1 1 Backpack Sleeping Bag Sleeping Pad Ground cloth 2 qts 1 each 1 each Mess Gear Water Bottle Plate, Bowl and Cup Fork and Spoon   1 per trip 1 per trip ...

Starry Night
Set Up: Dim or turn off room lights except for an electric candle or flashlight This is the season of lights and stars, when days are short and nights are ...

The Ten Essentials
"When faced with potential disaster, stop, calm down, and think." The history of the "Ten Essentials" Back in the 1930's a group called The Mountaineers of Seattle began holding a course ...

Wood Tools Safety Course Totin chip
Course Outline Time Subject Introduction: Welcome & Introduce Self What is the Totin' Chip The Course What is covered under the Totin' Chip The Outdoor Code Safety The Blood Circle ...

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