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By: JenFletcher      

If you have been reading my posts you already know both my boys are Webelos and are working toward their Arrow of Light award together. As their mom I want to push the boys to work hard to achieve their goal. I have to fight the urge to constantly remind them to skip playing with their friends and get back to work on whatever their current badge project is. But I know part of being...[More]

By: JenFletcher      

I don’t know about the Scouts in your troop, but the Scouts in my troop are busy—very busy. In order to offer them a little bit of scheduling sanity, we try to practice good time management whenever possible. For example, the troop doesn’t meet on the third Thursday of each month; instead, that night is reserved for patrol leaders’ council meetings and boards of review, freeing up at least one night a month for Scouts...[More]

By: JenFletcher      

I’m sure you’re already well aware of the (legally I have to use the term “alleged” but it sickens me to do so) abuse cases surrounding the assistant coach at Penn State. If not, my apologies but you’ll have to look it up; I’m not going to detail it here. The more I learn about this case the more nauseated I become and the more determined I am to keep my kids and all the...[More]

By: JenFletcher      

I hadn’t heard the following story until recently, but it’s really an inspiration. If I find myself in a situation that seems completely dark and hopeless (believe me, it’s been happening quite a bit lately), I think about this story and the lessons within it; I always seem to feel a little brighter and more positive after reading it. I hope you will get something from it too. An eight-year old boy walked up to...[More]

By: JenFletcher      

Admittedly, I didn't earn my Bobcat - both of my boys earned theirs. I am truly bursting with pride for them because I know how hard they worked to achieve this milestone in their Scouting path.They quizzed each other during our daily home/school commutes on the Cub Scout salute, the Scout handshake, the Boy Scout Promise and the Boy Scout Law. They read their handbooks without needing a reminder (mostly). Six months ago my boys...[More]

By: JenFletcher      

Blue door hangers are popping up everywhere this weekend, courtesy of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers and Explorer Scouts. These Scouts are taking part in a program called A National Good Turn; this program helps feed the hungry of America. My area Scouts are hanging the signs this weekend; other areas may have later (or earlier) dates.Here's how the program works: you place canned goods that you would like to donate in any paper or...[More]

By: JenFletcher      

21st Century humans are evolving into a people who take life for granted. Go to your local supercenter at any given time and watch the kids throwing fits because they don’t get the latest and greatest “whats-it” if you need proof. Most of us have grown so accustomed to the homeless people on the corner that we don’t even see them anymore – not even the kids. I would like to share the following letter...[More]

By: JenFletcher      

The First Lady is asking military children from around the globe for some personal contributions to the finishing touches on the White House decorations this holiday season. The request is for military children to submit 5x8" handmade holiday cards with words of appreciation for their military parents, as well as pictures and drawings. The White House will display as many of the cards as possible.Participants are asked to send holiday cards to the following...[More]

By: JenFletcher      

Many Scouters have compiled exhaustive lists of celebrities, dignitaries, and other famous folks who will send new Eagle Scouts a congratulatory letter. You can find links to several of these lists on my Web site, at The best list in the world is not online, however. Instead, it’s probably in Mom’s address book.You see, letters from the President and other celebrities are fine – and you should certainly solicit them – but you shouldn’t leave...[More]

By: JenFletcher      

I love Halloween. What other day of the year can we transform into a wholly different persona and be accepted for doing so? As a parent, Halloween has taken on a new kind of joy for me: picking out costumes with my kids, carving spooky and fun jack-o-lanterns, the anticipation of the loot to be gained from trick-or-treating. The parent I have become is also a little concerned every year at this time. I worry...[More]

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