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“Knots” is a Scouting themed cartoon series created by artist Rich Diesslin. You can see the latest “Knots” cartoon at Rich has graciously agreed to donate one “Knots” comic book to InsaneScouter to give away as part of a contest.To enter the contest all you have to do is share this message with your followers “Give the gift of laughter for xmas - Knots cartoons ... share for chance to win copy of...[More]

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Think of lashing as a form of weaving poles together to connect poles together. Depending on what you need the poles to do depends on the weave, exact lashing you are use. For example: you use a tripod lashing when you want 3 poles to stand up like a tripod over say a campfire, or square lashing when two poles cross each other like a cross, a diagonal lashing when two poles cross forming an...[More]

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Eagle Tips are repubished with permission of Mark Ray. You can find his website at to enough Eagle courts of honor, and you’ll eventually see someone skip his lines in the script or read someone else’s lines by mistake. That’s no surprise considering that few Scouters are public speakers by profession.A simple way to minimize such problems is to create a color-coded master script and place it on the lectern in a three-ring binder....[More]

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This post comes to us via a email posted to the Scout-L mailing list by Jay Thal. I would like to thank him for letting me repost his email and the photos he took while making his solar oven.Back on Dec. 30, 2009, I referenced an article "Hearth Surgery" which appeared in the New Yorker magazine about the designing and building of environmentally and culturally appropriate stoves for peoples and nations on the edge. It's...[More]

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The goal of the game is to see who has the most points after all questions are answered. (Suggestion: To prevent the boys from getting restless, play the game in four quarters with "half times" where you can do fun things such as a snack break, a practice drill, etc.)You can find full details at ...[More]

By: webmaster      

Hi all, It is your furry friends Fuzzy and Scout here, boy has it gone cold here now Scout actually is wearing a set of thermal underwear and wooly clothes, but we are used to that. Some people have told us to go hibernate, but that would mean no food for a few months, I don’t think we could do that. Anyway with the cold weather and Christmas around the corner we would like to...[More]

By: webmaster      

For those of you who were asking, here is the story behind the “booklet”. Think of the booklet as a printed newsletter, for lack of better terms. It will be between 6 and 10 pages and contain resources to help Scouter's, such as, games, crafts, ceremonies, recipes, songs, stories, skits and cheers. The booklet will be made available to Scouters for free both in person (if we meet up, see below) and from the InsaneScouter...[More]

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The following are the lyrics used for the morning, afternoon and evening grace at Ten Mile River Scout Camp. If you know who wrote this, or any history about it please leave a comment below.Gracious Giver of all good, Thee we thank for rest and food, Grant that all we do or say, In thy service be this day. Grant that all we do or say, in thy service be this day! AMEN!Father for this...[More]

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This come from another Scout-L mailing list post sent on 9/21/2010.There was an interesting article in NY Times called "Keeping Kids Safe from Common Dangers." It contains this very interesting paragraph:"And while we certainly make constant (mis)calculations in our adult lives, we seem all the more determined yet befuddled when it comes to the safety of our children. For instance, the five things most likely to cause injury to children up to age 18, according...[More]

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This post comes from Steve Miller, Tour Leader, The Cancer Survivor Trek. The Trek is open to youth, both male and female, that have survived cancer and meet the Philmont requirements. There are only 8 slots available, and there are no expenses for the youth to attend. For more information check out their website at http://www.cancersurvivortrek.orgThere are many things I learned while being treated for cancer. One is what my parents called stubbornness when I...[More]

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