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By: ptsteve      

The new program is a good for new leaders coming into Cub Scouts. It lays out a lesson plan that is easy to follow and works on the model of 2 Den Meetings a month and 1 Pack meeting. If your Den meets more than twice a month then at the end of the year you will have to add additional items like World Conservation Patch, etc.The new program also assumes much of the requirements...[More]

By: webmaster      

For many of us this can be a challenge. I find one of the hardest things I teach are the basic knots. Once the have the foundation teaching them more advanced pioneering gets fun once you pull out the logs and boxes of rope to make amazing things like towers, bridges and gateways.First, the quickest, funniest, and best way to learn knots is by doing. Personally I like to show them how to tie the...[More]

By: webmaster      

This tip is thanks to Mark Ray from http://www.eaglebook.comWhile an Eagle court of honor is a troop function, a large part of the audience is usually made up of the honoree’s family and friends. That’s especially true with older Scouts who may not be well known to the guys in the new Scout patrol.Of course, you have to invite family and friends; they won’t hear about the court of honor in the troop newsletter. As...[More]

By: webmaster      

Soon I will be living on the road from my SUV and tent, partly by choice and partly because of life circumstances. The adventure is called “Scouting A Nation” and will bring me to a Scouting activity near you. I will blog about the things I do, the people I meet, and the places I visit. I will also share photos and video I take.There are a number of ways you can help. First, you...[More]

By: webmaster      

There has been a lot talk recently on various Scout related forums in regards to Unit websites and could they use one service or another. I would like to take a moment and use this post to talk from my professional side. I have been professionally building websites, administrating web servers, and consulting with businesses about their websites for over 15 years.Here is what I want you to visualize, the building where you live. How...[More]

By: webmaster      

There are many different types of rope and each type has a purpose. First you need to understand there is natural rope and synthetic rope Natural rope is made from plant fiber and almost always just twisted together, this is the most common type of rope what most people call “Hemp”. However more likely it is Sasial (light tan color) or Manila (darker brown color). Hemp rope is actually made from the same plant, though...[More]

By: webmaster      

Hi all, Fuzzy and Scout here, are you all as excited as we are as it is almost Halloween. We have been asking Baloo for our costumes for aaaaaaaaaaaages and finally we got them :)Although if it was up to Baloo we would have been dresses as salmon, but that would be just silly. Can you imagine bear cubbies dressed as salmon, now if it was to eat salmon we would agree. Anyway Fuzzy...[More]

By: webmaster      

This post is just to liven things up some. Here some jokes I found all over the web I hope you enjoy. Starry Skies JokeThe Scoutmaster and his Tenderfoot son went on a camping trip. As they lay down for the night, the Tenderfoot said, "Dad, look up into the sky and tell me what you see". His Scoutmaster father responded, "I see millions and millions of stars". Tenderfoot Son: "And what does that tell...[More]

By: webmaster      

This tip is thanks to Mark Ray from http://www.eaglebook.comGo to enough Eagle courts of honor, and you’ll eventually see someone skip his lines in the script or read someone else’s lines by mistake. That’s no surprise considering that few Scouters are public speakers by profession.A simple way to minimize such problems is to create a color-coded master script and place it on the lectern in a three-ring binder. How can you color-code your scripts? If...[More]

By: webmaster      

This post is going to talk about the 10 knots every Scout should know. You will see the knot in the photo, reference its name and read what that knot is used for. This post is more about understanding the uses of the knot then how to tie it. I find learning to tie a knot is more a hands on kind of thing. 1.Overhand - This is probably a pretty good place to begin...[More]

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