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By: webmaster      

Hi all, It is your favourite cubs here, we hope you all have a grrrrrreat summer vacation :-) We know we have, although it is very hot here, even Scout is not wearing his fleece as we had not even got much rain for more than 2 months. As everyone knows this causes a lot of problems. We hope everyone will have loads of plans for the summer and of course loads of camping....[More]

By: webmaster      

Hi all,It’s your favourite cubbies here. Today we want to speak to you about knife safety, as they can be very dangerous you know. The reason we thought we needed to speak to you about it is because of the fact that Baloo cut a piece of his paw off And now he cannot cut us any salmon as he can’t use his index finger. So a few pieces of advice when using a knife...[More]

By: webmaster      

A very good buddy of mine wrote this and said I could share it with all of you. I think it rings of the sentiment behind Veterans Day. As you read please keep all our Veterans and even active duty soldiers in your prayers. With out there dedication to protect our freedoms where would be?Through the wars of yesteryearThrough the wars of yesteryear We think back on the fallen And to we have to think...[More]

By: JennEscalona      

Our kids learn how to manage money by watching us. However, we’re not always the best role models. I know as soon as I get a big paycheck I like to splurge a little. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t the best example to set when it comes to managing money!So instead of just letting them watch from the shadows, why not get them involved? Learning all about money is part of life and there’s no...[More]

By: webmaster      

I’ve often recommended that the honoree at an Eagle court of honor present flowers to his mother. Troop 7 in Warwick, R.I., takes this idea to a new level. At each of its courts of honor, every Eagle Scout mom in the audience receives a rose. As Patty Gomm explained, the roses are presented during a special segment of the program. Typically, the mother of the current honoree receives one color, while the other mothers...[More]

By: webmaster      

My friends mom makes this awesome White Chile Dish. Everytime she makes it she gives me a bowl of it. I asked her for the recipe and permission to share it, which I got. Please enjoy the following.Ingredients 2 1/2 lbs Ground Turkey (Lean 93/7)28 oz Chicken Broth (low fat/low sodium/no MSG)2 Medium Onions (Diced)4 15 oz Cans Cannellini Beans, Great Northern or Combo of Both2 tsp. Cumin1 tsp. Sweet Paprika 1 tsp. Chili Powder1...[More]

By: webmaster      

The Scoutmaster’s key role in many Eagle Scout courts of honor is the presentation phase, when the honoree receives his Eagle badge, his mother receives her mother’s pin, etc. The master of ceremonies and other presenters get to stand behind a lectern and read from scripts, but the Scoutmaster is left standing in the middle of the stage with the honoree and his parents.For many people, not having the protection of a lectern can be...[More]

By: webmaster      

The square knot is also know as the the reef knot. I have also hear it commonly refereed to as the “joining” or “friendship” knot. It is a simple knot, most commonly used to join two ropes of the same size together. However, The International Guild of Knot Tyers warns that this knot should never be used to join two ropes together. A sheet bend should be used instead. Knotting authority Clifford Ashley claimed that...[More]

By: webmaster      

One of the most inspiring stories from last summer’s Jamboree was about a participant named Sean Brame, who happens to be a quadruple amputee. Despite his disability, Sean is a Life Scout who participated in the full array of Jamboree activities. (The Jamboree Journal devoted a full spread to his story.)Given its flexibility and self-paced nature, Scouting is a great program for kids with all sorts of disabilities. Often, all that’s required is a little...[More]

By: webmaster      

Today we will take a look at the knife, a tool and a weapon all rolled in one. It all depends how you use it. When a clean and sharp knife is used properly it is relatively safe and extremely useful. However, it is first and foremost a knife.As a Scout at summer camp one year, one of my fellow Scouts was sitting at the picnic table carving a stick. The knife slipped into his...[More]

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