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By: ptsteve       On: 2010-05-16

Remember, if you are having fun everyone else is having fun. When we get into the second half of the Scouting year, us Leaders start looking at the “Finish Line” aka the end of the Scouting year. It is bittersweet, but we need to remember to have the boys complete their Requirements needed for Advancement while still having fun. I have found if I am having fun, it keeps burn out from happening. If you...[More]

By: ptsteve       On: 2010-05-16

I don’t know what the statistic is, but just from watching other Adult Leaders who got involved because their son or daughter wanted to do Scouting the kids seem to stay in the program longer. Yes, I was one of those parents who went to the first Tiger Cub meeting just to sign my son up. Walked out as the Den Leader and if I remember correctly the Cubmaster was really happy he didn’t have...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-05-15

A good video on how to make jerky in camp, hope it gives you as many ideas as it has given me .. enjoy... this is survival jerky not jerky... ...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-05-15

On June 7, 2008 I posted my first blog post to the InsaneScouter Ramblings. I can;t believe it has been so long, it really doesn't feel like it. Yet in those two years there have been some amazing posts. So today I am going to look back at a few.We cant forget the tragic day when 4 Scouts were killed in Iowa by a tornado Jan 28, 2009 Hot Chocolate Wisdom was posted...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-05-15

There is a great saying which says “Double your failures to find success” regardless if in life, business, Scouts, school or work this saying holds true. Think about like in the movies with out the evil dark side you cant have the good side, or happy without sadness. What it comes down to is the more we take action to do things the more failures we will have, but also the more success we will...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-05-15

This is a nice video put together by a young man. He did a good job at explaining how use flint and steel. ...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-05-15

No one knows it all It will allow you to put on a better program and help more Scouts You will have fun and meet interesting people Think of all the great things you will be asked to help with afterwards ;) It could be the differences between Life and Death of a Scout ...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-05-15

I am looking for stories that demonstrate someone following a point of the Scout Law. Please email stories to scott (at) insanescouter (dot) org … The stories can be as simple everyday life to something major that happened.For those of you who do not know the Boy Scout Law is:A Scout Is: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and ReverentHere is a quick story to demonstrate what I am...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-05-15

Have you ever been on a campout where the Scouts, especially the younger ones insist on shinning there flashlights everywhere. Then you also know how annoying it can be as that beam of light comes in contact with your face. What I started doing is getting there Scouts, who are doing it, together around me and explain to them about night vision. I then have them all turn off there lights and close there eyes....[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2010-05-15

A tarp is often under thought of and used in the backcountry. Here is a video I found that gives you a good idea on how to use a tarp as a shelter. This video also includes some basic knots....[More]

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