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Is it Webelos, Webelo or WEBELOES
By: Posted On: 2012-11-29

The following comes from our friend Mike Walton who is also
involved with the project.
The BSA for the longest of time has said that when we talk about ONE Cub Scout in
the 4th/5th grade program, he is called a "WEBELOS" Cub Scout ("We-buh-los" or
"Web-los"). And yeah, while a long time ago the acroymn (which is why it is spelled in
ALL CAPS like WEBELOS instead of combination ("Webelos") )meant "Wolf-Bear-
Lion-Scout" with vowels in it to make it sound cool; it currently (since 1969) means
"WE'll BE LOyal Scouts".
In more recent BSA publications, however, the BSA kinda got away from what they
said and started using "Webelos Cub Scouts" and "WEBELOS Scouts" in their
descriptions -- which threw off a lot of Cub Scouters and WHOLE GANG FULLS of Boy
Scouters.See, Boy Scouts are called "Scouts"; WEBELOS Cub Scouts are "Cub
Scouts." Going back above, when we talk about MORE THAN ONE WEBELOS Cub
Scout, the BSA HAS BEEN USING "WEBELOS Cub Scouts".
One WEBELOS Cub Scout. Not a "WEBELO" nor a "WEBLO". WEBELOS -- a
WEBELOS Cub Scout.Mike was a WEBELOS Cub Scout.
A group of WEBELOS Cub Scouts are "Cub Scouts" in the plural. WEBELOS
describes what *kind* of Cub Scouts we are talking about, as in "A Den of WEBELOS
Cub Scouts". Mike was one of several WEBELOS Cub Scouts in Den Five, Pack 63.
The emphasis should be on the word "Cub Scouts" -- because they are ALL Cub
Scouts; NOT "Scouts".
They don't get to carry that *title* -- Boy Scout – until they are IN A TROOP or
registered as a Lone Boy Scout.