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By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-08-13

Fred Morrison never liked the name “Frisbee,” but he stopped complaining after sales began to soar. The flying disc was Morrison’s invention, first sold by the Wham-O toy company — as the “Pluto Platter.” Wham-O changed the name the following year as a misspelled homage to the popular New England pastime of tossing around pie tins from Connecticut’s Frisbie Pie Company. When building inspector Fred Morrison sold his plastic flying disc to WHAM-O...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-08-09

One of the easiest ways to make your camping trips easier is to eat meals that don’t require any cookware, preparation, or clean-up. Let’s talk about stick cooking. With only your simple provisions and a rod of wood, you can make a tasty snack or meal. Stick cooking isn’t just enjoyable for outdoor backyard cooking either but makes for a fun time when you have your Scouts sitting around the campfire after a hard...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-08-06

We thought we would share some great skits that we found on YouTube. One of the great things about Scouts going to camp outdoors is the campfire in the early evening, at the end of an eventful day. Baden Powell said it well when he said “Singing and acting are excellent for training in self-expression. Also, they make for good team-work, everybody learning his part and doing it well, not for applause for himself but...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-07-26

Do you or someone you know have a lot of old pill bottles stashed in some cupboard or a drawer somewhere? How about those old canisters that camera film used to come in, seen any of those recently? Both of these items can be reused for helpful things that we can keep using them for, instead of throwing them away and adding to the trash problem we already have. We’re going to talk about...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-07-24

Dutch-oven cooking has always been a part of Scouting. But learning to cook in a Dutch oven can be a bit of trial and error unless you have someone who can share some know-how and some good recipes. A Dutch oven is such a good cooking tool that can be used to cook many different types of foods for many different applications. They are especially useful when you bring one to camp, it’s like bringing...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-07-19

One of the fondest memories I have of my childhood is getting to go fishing with my grandfather. Grandpa had a pickup truck and a boat and he would come very early on a Saturday morning to pick up my brother and I and take us fishing. When we left the house it was still dark but when we arrived at the lake the sun had risen. We would help grandpa launch the boat off...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-07-17

The Pacific Crest Trail is a National Scenic Trail that runs 2,663 miles from the United States-Mexico border through California, Oregon, and Washington, where it reaches its northern terminus at the United States-Canada border. The Pacific Crest Trail is known as a very challenging thru-hiking and great backpacking route through some of the country’s most spectacular wilderness ranges. The trail generally follows the high route through the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges. How long...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-07-12

Whenever I’m sitting in one place, or have a portable music player that I can take with me while I’m working, I like to listen to movie soundtracks. And when I’m listening to movie soundtracks I like to listen to those movies that are full of adventurous, brave, bold sounding music. You know the type of music I mean! Think of your favorite movie that had a good soundtrack with it, pick the scenes...[More]

By: settummanque       On: 2018-07-10

The Boy Scouts of America, acting on behalf of it's National Executive Board and upon the requests of literally, thousands of families over the last 40 or so years will allow female youth, starting in the summer of 2018, to become members of Cub Scout Packs and later Boy Scout Troops in 2019. Lone Cub Scouting and Lone Boy Scouting will NOT change; it will remain a male-only program until February 2019, when data...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-07-05

I’ve gathered these quotes from various sources all over the internet. Good quotations resonate in your soul. They make you think, I wish that someday I might say something as profound as that...Good quotes are words the people have spoken that hold true today, just as much as when the author spoke them into being. Good quotes are spoken words that create feelings and emotions within us that make you stop and think...[More]

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