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By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-10-16

Grand Teton National Park is located only 10 miles south of Yellowstone Park. I was looking for some unusual facts or interesting stories to tell you about Grand Teton National Park. I found several things which were interesting and a bit unusual. Most everyone knows about Jackson Lake, which is the biggest lake in the National Park, but if you wander off of the beaten path, just a bit you can find String Lake, and...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-10-11

Did you have piggy bank savings while growing up? I remember having an antique car (made out of metal) that had a key to open up the bottom. I gave the key to my mom, to hold for me until I had enough money to buy what I was saving for. I’ll bet you had one too! The odds are good that you probably did. Little ceramic pigs have been a savings mechanism...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-10-09

Have you ever been in an out of the way place, especially one that doesn’t have any or only has very limited cell coverage? I have and of course, and after wandering around for a little while and getting lost, I stopped to try to buy a map. Of course, I found that nobody sells maps anymore. Why would you want to buy one of those, don’t you have a phone (the area where...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-10-02

What would happen if you come home from school and look at your mom and say I’m hungry, give me a sandwich? Your Mom might give you a tired look, but still, she fixes a sandwich for you and serves it to you with a glass of milk. You eat your snack in front of the television and say, I am going to do my homework and head to your room, leaving behind your...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-09-25

A few years ago I did a series I called Kamp kitchen. It was full of useful information and an array of helpful tips and hints for all things useful to those who do large group cooking. This series is about the gear and setup, not actual cooking. In no particular order here is a brief description of each article, a link to the article and perhaps a picture or two to help you...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-09-18

I looked up the dictionary definitions of the words chivalry and courteous. I wanted to see what the dictionary had to say about these two words as they are not used very much anymore. I found that the words have a lot of the same descriptor words listed in each of their definitions. So, I dug deeper to find out where both words originated and found that both words originated in the middle ages...[More]

By: SNSSteve       On: 2018-09-11

First, every registered adult is a volunteer and those in uniform paid for their own uniform and those are not cheap. Let me repeat, every registered adult leader in a Unit is a volunteer and pays annual dues on top of that. Scouting is not respite and too many families with Special Needs Scouts seem to view Scouting as this. Many Special Needs Scouts have multiple or severe disabilities which need constant support. I...[More]

By: settummanque       On: 2018-09-07

Hi Brendan Fulmer!! You posted and asked yourself (and all of us):"Had somebody tell me that BSA is a rich white kid club. Help me know how to respond, please"Okay……... This is a Black man giving you advice on how to respond when people say stuff like that. Ready?(silence)Just walk away, or find another place in the room, or just ignore him and listen to something in your mind. "Upward Trail" comes to my mind,...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2018-09-07

Things are changing here at InsaneScouter.org and we hope you like where they are heading.Thank You:We would like to welcome our new fans and say thank you to everyone for being part of our wacky scouting family.Updated Legalize:It has been a very long time since we last updated our legal docs, and with all the changes in the world it was time. Here are the links to the latest versions.Terms: https://insanescouter.org/p/5779/0/Terms_of_Service.html Privacy: https://insanescouter.org/p/528/0/privacy.html Cookies: https://insanescouter.org/p/5780/0/Cookie_Policy.htmlNewsletters:We...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-09-04

I remember being a 3rd or 4th grader in school and having a chance to go out to the school farm. One of the things that they taught us was how to use a map and a compass. The teachers split us up into groups and gave us a map and a compass to use. We were then blindfolded and put on the school bus and dropped off in different locations around the farm...[More]

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