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By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-06-23

Help get your kids curious about the world with our word search printable worksheet. Simply print it (or copy it), and then challenge your little explorers to see how many words they can find. Don’t worry if they get stumped, the answers are included! Descended from observational puzzles, the American word search was first published in 1968 in the Selenby Digest in Norman, Oklahoma. The original creator was Norman E. Gibat. The idea circulated slowly...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-06-21

Have you ever thought about being able to travel through time? I know I have, and I’ll also have to admit to probably spending too much time thinking about what part of my life would I go back to...which day, what year? Is time travel even possible? I always liked the idea of a time machine. It's easier to get into the machine and punch up a date on a console (like Marty McFly did...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-06-19

If you are going to Philmont Scout Ranch you might be wondering if there are other things to do in the area, besides all of the really special things that a person can experience at the Ranch. Philmont does not offer accommodations for individuals who may be travelling with your crew, but there are plenty of places to stay and things to do in the four nearest towns! Starting with the closest town of Cimarron,...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-06-16

Have a drawer in your bedroom that is full of old socks, or does your washing machine eat socks? You’re sure you put two socks in, but you can only find one after the wash. Losing socks is par for the course when you do laundry, but don't feel bad for that lone, pair-less sock — there are still plenty of uses for the lonely sock in your daily life. You might even be...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-06-14

Please feel free to answer as many, or as few of these questions, they are meant as a starting point. Feel free to add or alter questions, as well. Also feel free to recommend any videos, or photos to go with some of the questions if any stand out as perfect, to you.Earlier this year, Cub Scout Eric reached out to me on Facebook and introduced me to his YouTube channel and videos. As a...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-06-12

You don’t need a lot of tools to prepare your fish. A fillet knife can be used for scaling, skinning, slicing, and filleting. You’ll need a container to collect the parts of the fish you remove during preparation. When skinning non-scaly fish like catfish, remove the spiny fins first to make the fish easier to handle. Once you’ve cleaned, gutted, and filleted your catch, you have a few different options for cooking fresh fish over...[More]

By: settummanque       On: 2018-06-09

(NBC News image used under Fair Usage guidelines)I was taught a new term for what I see around my community here in Dayton and back home in South Lake Minnetonka. Some of you see it in your own town or city. I bet you didn’t have a name for it. It is the actions – rather than inactions – that a lot of youth portray. Lifeless, not wanting to “do anything”. Not volunteering for...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-06-07

If we were to go to the highest point in Arkansas, we would find ourselves at Mount Magazine State Park. This State Park delivers great views of valleys, lakes, winding rivers, and distant hills. The rugged rock outcroppings protrude from the densely wooded forests. What makes this State Park even more spectacularly beautiful is that it is surrounded by National Forest lands encompassing acres of woods. The State Park covers about 2,200 acres on top...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-06-05

I had a chance to ride a horse on a narrow trail in the foothills of the Appalachians. When I started out on the horseback ride, the road was wide, but soon became a single track, just wide enough for the horse to follow our leader obediently done the path. I was instructed not to pull to tightly on the horse's reins, and that no kicking of the horse's ribs would be necessary. All...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-05-31

Going to a summer camp is something that most of us remember all of our lives. The friends that you meet and make, the fun things that you got to do and the experiences that you have all make a lasting impression on our minds. I remember going to a Boy Scout camp and spending a fun week there. One of the strongest memories of that event is on the next-to-last night that we were...[More]

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