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By: webmaster       On: 2015-01-07

Baden Powell at Southport:Here we have Baden Powell reviewing young scouts, as their founder. The scouts as well as Cubs, staged a flag march with their respective bands, saluting their founder as they passed by. The event was at South Port. Truly a momentous occasion for anyone associated with the Boy Scout movement....[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2015-01-06

No Utensil Campfire CookingWhile camping and scouting, cooking without utensils is not only an art but is indeed a tradition. Cooking outdoors requires guts and imagination. Fire of course is the main ingredient in this recipe. Winds, temperature, sticks and clay are other driving factors.Beef, small fish, fried eggs, corn, biscuits can easily be made by various processes like embers, coals, sticks on fire and even on hot rocks! Hot embers can be used to...[More]

By: djt5036       On: 2015-01-03

The Desert National Wildlife Refuge is a 1.62 million acre safe haven for plants and animals in the Southwestern United States. Located just north of Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert of Southern Nevada, Desert NWR is the biggest wildlife refuge in the continental U.S.Within its boundaries are hundreds of animal species, making it a great place for wildlife viewing and nature photography. Among its residents are over 300 types of birds, 50 types of...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2015-01-01

Eagle Scout PhotosI’ve often (probably too often) compared Eagle courts of honor to weddings. There are many differences, of course, including the lack of a bride, but there are many similarities as well.One such similarity is – or should be – the presence of a photographer. These days, of course, virtually everybody has a camera or three, so getting photos is easy. But it’s still important to designate an official photographer who doesn’t have any...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2014-12-31

Survival Kit For Boy Scouts: Learn how to use simple everyday items that you can find around the house to make the perfect Boy Scout Survival kits! Take a small tin can with your kid’s favourite superhero on it, and fill it up with the things he will absolutely need! A few matchsticks, cotton balls, a tiny mirror, Band-Aids, some glue, wire and a safe multi-purpose knife, and you’re good to go!...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2014-12-30

Top Ten Scouting Games:In any campfire, or scouting expedition, games are a way for the boys to bond, as well as incredibly fun! So here’s our list of the top ten scouting games. Enjoy!Animal Themed Games: They are a must, for any scouting expedition! Have the boys impersonate animals around the campfire, to see who’s the best in Animal Calls, or assign each of them an animals and have them race it out in Animal...[More]

By: djt5036       On: 2014-12-27

Located in the Western United States, Dinosaur National Monument is a place where history comes alive. Straddling the Colorado and Utah borders, Dinosaur NM is a treasure trove for those interested in the past. From the Spanish Explorers to the Fremont Indians, all the way to the giant roaming reptiles that gave the monument its name, Dinosaur has a lot to offer.Declared a National Monument in 1915, Dinosaur is primarily recognized for its impressively preserved...[More]

By: djt5036       On: 2014-12-20

Crater Lake National Park is located in the Northwestern United States, near Medford, Oregon. It was the fifth National Park to be established by the U.S. Congress. It has been the only National Park in the state of Oregon since its creation in 1902.The most notable feature of Crater Lake NP is its namesake, Crater Lake, which sits atop the destroyed volcano, Mount Mazama. The deepest lake in the United States, its water is some...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2014-12-16

Me First! is a story written by two Scouts about a selfish eagle who annoys everyone he meets, by demanding to be first. As a result of his bad behavior the others rejected him, leaving him feeling sad and lonely. He is helped by a group of glowing golden eagles who help him understand the rewards of putting others first.The book was written by Danny and Will McNeil who are 17 and 15 year old...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2014-06-24

To me, one of the most underused parts of Boy Scout advancement is the merit badge program. Oh sure, our Scouts earn lots and lots of merit badges. But outside of summer camp and merit badge fairs, I’m not sure many do it the old-fashioned way by working one on one with an expert in the topic. When a Scout uses a highly qualified counselor—instead of a troop leader with a passing knowledge of the...[More]

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