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Geology Chemistry
ChemistryAll things in the universe consist of a combination of elements in specific orders and following certain "natural laws". Rocks are no exceptions. They consist of arrangements of elements in ...

Geology Denudation
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class NotesThe surface of the earth is constantly being modified by two sets of forces. The internal forces of the earth, tectonics, deform and ...

Geology Earthquakes
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class NotesElastic Rebound TheoryRocks along faults rarely glide along in a smooth, frictionless fashion. Movement along a fault is sporadic and unpredictable. Behavior along ...

Geology Fluvial Systems
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class NotesFluvial Systems, or rivers, are by far the most abundant and important erosional agent on the surface of the earth. The information covered ...

Geology Glossary
abrasion - physical wearing away of rock by grinding and "sanding" of the surface through impacts with other rocks.absolute age - giving the age of a rock formation in years; ...

Geology Groundwater Systems
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class NotesOnly a portion of the water that falls as precipitation returns to the ocean as fluvial runoff. As rain strikes the surface of ...

Geology Igneous Petrology
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class Notes Igneous rocks form when molten (rock) material solidifies. Each rock, via its texture and composition, reveals a "story" of its origin when ...

Geology Introduction
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class NotesIntroductionThis Physical Geology class covers three general areas--Rock classification and a brief description of the processes necessary to form rock.--Denudation processes: including fluvial, ...

Geology Metamorphic Petrology
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class NotesMetamorphism of rock is the direct result of plate tectonics. The stresses applied to rocks during tectonics forces the minerals in the rocks ...

Geology Minerals
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class Notes Minerals The chemical elements bond together in various ways to form the basic building blocks of rocks -- minerals. Minerals, in geologic terms, must ...

Geology Plate Tectonics
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class NotesHistory Behind Plate Tectonics TheoryTo understand the theory of plate tectonics, it's best to know the history and development of the idea. The ...

Geology Sedimentary Petrology
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class Notes Any rock that is exposed to the earth's surface will result in the production of sediments. Given sufficient time, these sediments will lithify ...

Geology Stratigraphy and Geologic Time
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class NotesStudying individual rocks results in limited information: it's relationship to other rocks is far more important to understanding tectonic events. Rock outcrops contain ...

Geology Structural Geology
Geology 101 - Gale Martin - Class NotesStress and StrainAll materials respond to stress. But each material responds in a unique way that may be different under altered conditions. This ...

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