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By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-05-15

Today we’re going to review a Coghlan's Camp Stove Toaster. You can cook you can cook English muffins, bagels, toast and also Eggos Waffles. This device can cook four items at a time. The camp stove toaster comes out of the box folded flat (which makes for easy storage in your backpack on the trail). This toaster is meant to be used over an open fire with a grate or by using a cooktop stove....[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-05-12

Two pickles fell out of a jar onto the floor. What did one say to the other?Dill with it.What did the Dalmatian say after lunch?That hit the spot!Why did the kid cross the playground?To get to the other slide.How does a vampire start a letter?Tomb it may concern…What do you call a droid that takes the long way around?R2 detour.How do you stop an astronaut’s baby from crying?You rocket!Why was 6 afraid of 7?Because...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-05-10

One of Washington's state park jewels is Dosewallips. Dosewallips is considered the Eastern gateway to the Olympic Peninsula. The region is made up of forests, mountains, rivers, beaches, and deltas – and surrounded by sound and sea. This freshwater/saltwater park makes a perfect day or weekend trip. It can also serve as a base from which to explore the historic forts and charming small towns to the north, or the first night on a grand...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-05-08

The idea of loyalty might seem a bit 'old fashioned' and might even conjure up images of knights in shining armor and loyal subjects bowing to a king or queen. But what exactly does it mean to be loyal? As humans we rely on everybody working together; to a greater or lesser extent we all rely on other people so that we can live happily and healthily. We can see this from a global perspective...[More]

By: scottyiserv       On: 2018-05-07

I was a year later than the rest of my friends in starting into Cub Scouts. Most of my friends and schoolmates were already Bear Scouts but I had yet to complete the Bobcat achievement. I spent the fall of that year working hard on all my achievements and arrowheads and was just about caught up to the other Cub Scouts in my Pack when the Pinewood Derby was announced. Some of the fondest memories...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2017-10-07

Being the leader of a Boy Scouts troop sounds like fun, but you should know that it’s also a lot of hard work. By committing to a group of boys, you’re holding yourself responsible for their learning and development in the program. You have to be willing to give your time and energy to invest in and guide them.Be strong and prepare yourself for both adventure and possibly conflict. Jump in with an open mind...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2017-01-27

Sometimes it just seems like life gets too hard! We work and work and work and bills don’t get paid, we fall behind on one or more every month and then when it looks like we are just getting out of hot water, the car breaks down and it’s a major repair. No one ever said life would be a bed of roses, and if it is, we have often fallen in with thorns to...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2015-09-10

Philmont for ProcrastinatorsReceived wisdom says that getting a crew slot at Philmont Scout Ranch is harder than getting a parking space at the mall on Black Friday. But that's not the case for 2015. As of late last week, there were spaces in the schedule for more than 100 crews on 2015 backpacking treks.Why? Perhaps it's the oversold National Order of the Arrow Conference. Perhaps it's competition from the Summit Bechtel Reserve or other high-adventure...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2015-09-03

Making New Year's ReservationsAs you may have noticed, Christmas is just around the corner. But another looming holiday—New Year’s Day—may have more impact on your troop operations.Although a lucky handful of troops have their own meeting places, the vast majority use space provided by their chartered organizations. This could be dedicated space, such as a Scout room in a church basement, or space that the troop must share with other groups.If you share space, now’s...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2015-08-27

A New Scouting Position: Nozzle Control OfficerOkay, the BSA hasn't really created a new position, but maybe it should.We live in an information age, when all sorts of information is coming at us like water from a fire hose. Just think about the number of emails, Facebook posts, tweets, and text messages you see in a day. In Scouting alone, we've got Scouting magazine, countless official and unofficial Facebook pages and email lists, council newsletters,...[More]

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