Strength In Unity
Posted On: 2021-01-14


This ceremony can be used just before returning the colors or by itself to emphasize patriotism.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Cub Scout color guard, and bearer.

EQUIPMENT: A single wooden match and a bundle of five wooden matches, US flag.

ARRANGEMENT: Advance the flag to a prominent place beside the Cubmaster. As he speaks he demonstrates with matches what is said.

CUBMASTER: I hold in my hand several wooden matches. You can see that one match alone is easy to break (demonstrates by breaking in two a single match), but when I put five or more together, they are almost impossible to break (makes an unsuccessful effort to break the bundle of five matches). Each month we learn more about the wonderful freedom and responsibilities our national flag stands for. If it could speak, it could tell about many battles fought to maintain these freedoms we love. When our pack works together to uphold the wonderful traditions behind it, we, too, will be hard to stop.