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A Cub Scout Pocket
A piece of tagboard is cut in the shape of a pocket and covered with blue felt, including a pocket flap and button. The badges which are attached are available ...

A Cub Scouts Thanksgiving Prayer
O, Heavenly Father, we ask for your blessingFor loved ones and friends that are near.We thank you for food and for love and for lifeAnd the spirit of Scouting that's ...

A Flag Is
MATERIALS: A large American flag held by Scout, A small piece of light cloth on a stick held by Scout.LEADER: (points to small cloth on stick) A flag is much ...

Adventure In The Sky Opening
Preparation: Have large pieces of construction paper with a picture representing each of the eight different aircrafts of the inventors. You can then put the boys lines on the back ...

Baloo Gold
B - is for Boys, boys of all kindsA - is for Anniversary, Cub Scouting's 69thL - is for Leaders, those who guide usO - is for Outdoor fun, all ...

Commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance
As a schoolboy, one of Red Skelton's teachers explained the words and meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance to his class. Skelton later wrote down, and eventually recorded, his recollection ...

Cub Rock
Have each boy hold up a letter as they say their part. Maybe have Cubs draw dinosaurs on audience side of cards. C Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. U ...

Cuddly Koalas
Cuddly koalas, cuddly koalas (cradle & swing arms) Possums too, possums too (possum eyes - circle with finger & thumb brought up to eyes) Wallabies and wombats, wallabies and wombats ...

December Lights Opening
This is the season of lights. It is a time when the days are shorter and the nights are long. But, somehow, things seem brighter. Shopping centers are bright with ...

Dinosaurs In The Garden
The dinosaurs were quite brave. They strutted over the light dusting of snow on the sidewalk and approached the food. They cast darting glances from side to side, sometimes observing ...

Dinosaurs Opening
Personnel: 4 Cubs Scouts with pictures of dinosaurs Cub # 1: I’m a Brontosaurus with four feet, I eat plants, but don’t eat meat. Known as Thunder Lizard, that is true, ...

Freedom Opening
Personnel: Narrator and 6 or more Cub Scouts.Equipment: American flag, tape player, recording (such as America the Beautiful or This is My Country), Pack flag. Arrangement: The color guards advance ...

God Bless America
ARRANGEMENTS: American Flag posted, after the regular presentation of colors. House lights are dimmed, and flag is spot lighted. Narrator reads the following after the Pledge of Allegiance has been ...

Honoring Our Flag
Personnel: 15 Cub Scouts, American flag bearer, Cubmaster Equipment: American Flag, 7 red crepe paper streamers, 6 white crepe paper streamers, blue crepe paper rectangle, white cardboard five-pointed star. (Seven ...

Meaning Of Our Flag
MATERIALS: 1 piece of construction paper in red, blue and white 1 piece of white paper cut to be a star, 1 flag, 5 ScoutsEach Scout uses one of the ...

Patriotic Opening
Equipment: American flag. One red, one white and one blue candle in holders.Personnel: 4 Cub Scouts, Den Chief. Staging: After flags are advanced in usual manner, and before they are ...

Prisoner Of War Flag Ceremony
Equipment: American Flag mounted to a blanket. Personnel: 2 Scouts to hold flag, and a readerReader: On a summer day in a prison camp during World War II, the prisoners ...

Spotlight On The Boy
The US Flag and a pack flag are carried to the front by the color guards. They face the audience. The lights are turned down and a Cub Scout stands ...

Thats What It Means to Be an American
Setting: 4 uniformed Cub Scouts, carrying suitable props (such as a megaphone, nightcap, church model, and a star) speak the following lines.Cub #1: You can say anything you want to ...

The Cub Scouts Are Coming
Cast: 4 or more Cub ScoutsOne Cub Scout at a time trots from the back of the room to the front shouting, "The Cub Scouts are coming! The Cub Scouts ...

Types Of Ceremonies
Types Of CeremoniesOPENING: The opening ceremony can make or break the entire pack meeting. If it is dull and lifeless, the meeting could be in trouble. The opening ceremony definitely ...

Why Ceremonies Are Important
Why Ceremonies Are Important Ceremonies are important for many reasons, the most important being that boys like them. The boys like to participate in them to receive recognition. Ceremonies are ...


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