Space Shuttle
Posted On: 2021-01-14


PROPS: Large cardboard box made to look like the space shuttle; projector and film. Chairs for each Cub in the skit. The chairs are placed behind the shuttle with the astronauts sitting in the chairs.

COSTUMES: Den Chief dressed to look like ground control. All other Cubs dressed as astronauts.

DEN CHIEF: Well men, are you ready for your first mission?

CUBS: Yes, sir!

LAST BOY: Mr. Ground Commander sir! I have been thinking about this first mission and there is just one last question, "How do we get down?" Lights go out and the projector is turned on with a film of the landing of the first space shuttle to the music of Star Wars.

Note: The projector and film can be obtained from several different places. For example high schools, churches, public libraries. If these places are not fruitful, ask your parents.




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