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Snowflake Closing Ceremony

Have Cub Scouts and family members cut out snowflakes when they enter the pack meeting, and put their names on them.  (Six sided snowflakes can be made by folding a square sheet of paper in half, and then into thirds.) Tape or fasten to a wall, curtain, blackboard or window.

Have you ever caught a snowflake on a black piece of paper and studied it?  It is so delicate and fragile that it melts almost before you can pick out its unique shape and structure.  And it is unique, because each snowflake forms its own pattern of crystals in a six-sided shape.  No two are exactly alike.  There may be some that are similar, but none are the same.

Each of you created a snowflake tonight.  Look at the variety and differences.  Each of you started out with the same materials, but you created something that is truly unique.

Every person is unique, too.  You may have your Mom's eyes, or your Dad's sense of humor.  You may even be a twin and look so much alike that people have trouble telling you apart.  But you are different in the things you like, the things you think, and the way you live your lives.  You have your own unique contribution to make to the world.  You have your own unique gifts and talents that will benefit you and those around you.  You have your own unique style, laugh, dreams, and strengths.

One snowflake will melt in an instant.  But think of what happens when all those snowflakes are together in one place at one time.  A pile of snow can make a ski jump, block a highway, or collapse a roof.  A mountain of snow can provide water for a town for the whole summer, or carve the sides of a canyon.  A lot of snow can accomplish things one snowflake can't, but it takes all of them working together to be successful.

Let's unite ourselves, each unique individual, and work towards the common goals of citizenship, service, physical and spiritual strength, and brotherhood, and see what a contribution we can make to the world.  Let's stand and repeat the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

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