Recognizing The Change In Leadership
Posted On: 2021-01-14


The seven-team members from the opening ceremony stand in front with flashlights held waist-high. All other lights are out.

COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Tonight signifies the celebration of our past year in helping our pack grow. Before you stand the seven representative team members who contributed, each in their own way, to our pack activities. We all thank them for helping us along the way.

Now for our next year, between this Blue and Gold and the Blue and Gold in February 1988 our team will be (pause while another Den, Webelos, parent, and any other committee members or Cubmaster who will be leaving are replaced in the line and take the flashlight and hold it chest high) made up of some former members and new members. But each of you is part of that team to help Pack have a successful year. What must we all do?

(New Team and audience promise in unison): To Do Our Best!

COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: With all of your help and promise to do your best, we look forward to another successful year with Pack. Good night all.