Nature Is Everywhere All The Time
Posted On: 2021-01-07


It is exciting to learn about animals, birds and insects, flowers, and trees, rocks, soil, weather, water, and stars!

Nature is everywhere all the time---in cities, in the woods and fields, in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Nature is not confined by time and place--- it is everywhere.

But where to begin--how to begin. All you need to start is an inquiring mind --- and eyes, ears, nose, and hands. Use all senses to gather information from the world about you.

In the beginning, we might just as well make up our minds that we are never going to know all there is to know about the subject. Remember that is not so much knowing the names and identifying everything but the joy in making the discovery that counts.

The "Country Cub" knows there is plenty of nature to be seen if you take time to look around, while the "City Cub" may have the notion that nature is not to be found in the city limits---not true, of course.

Nature is something we can enjoy no matter where we go in the world. Nature is something we should enjoy and respect.

Let's step out into the world of nature.