Means of Transportation
Posted On: 2021-01-07

Personnel: 7 Cubs

Equipment: Cardboard props of different modes of transportation, have you boys make these at den meetings - a horse, wagon, car, train, plane, boat, and spaceship.

Setting: Have each boy hold his prop and talk about it. Keep them in order of appearance in history.

Horse: The horse was the only means of transportation for many centuries.  It was also used as a farm machine for plowing and harvesting.

Wagon: Wagons enabled people to travel farther and longer.  They helped Americans move across the country and settle in new lands.

Boat: Boats have been used for centuries.  Probably early man used a raft to travel across rivers and streams.  The native Americans used canoes to travel to hunting grounds and to fish for their families.

Train: With the invention of the steam engine, Western America was opened up to more settlers and businesses. We were moving even faster than the house could ever carry us.

Car: The “horseless carriage” helped Americans move even faster. Some people thought they wouldn’t last - boy were they wrong!

Plane: Thank goodness for the Wright Brothers!  People said, if the man was meant to fly, God would have given us wings. Instead, he gave the world two guys from Dayton who wouldn’t give up. Now Americans could soar with the Eagles!

Spaceship: Who could ever imagine that we would someday walk on the moon? We travel through space and learn more about our own planet!

All Boys: Who knows what the next century will bring!