Like His Dad
Posted On: 2021-01-01


Well, what are you going to be, my boy,

When you've reached your manhood years?

A doctor or lawyer or actor who

Gives laughter or gives tears?

But he shook his head as he replied

In a serious way, he had,

I don't think I'd care to be any of them,

I want to be like my dad.

He wants to be like his dad, you men,

Did you ever think as you pause,

That the boy who watches your every move

Is building a set of laws?

He's molding a life you're the model for,

And whether it's good or bad,

Depends on the kind of examples set

For the boy who would be like his dad.

Would you have him go everywhere you go?

Have him do just the things you do?

And see everything that your eyes behold

And woo all the gods you woo?

When you see the devotion that shines in the eyes

Of that lovable little lad,

Will you be content if he gets his wish

And grows up like his dad?

It's a job no one but you can fill

It's a charge you must answer for.

It's a duty to show him the road to tread

'Ere he reaches manhood's door.

It's a debt you owe, for the greatest joy

That a father ever had

Is the pleasure of having a boy to raise

Who wants to be like his dad.