Joined Together
Posted On: 2021-01-01

Personnel: 6 Cubs and Den Chief or Leader 

Setting: Cubs hold large cardboard cutouts as they read their lines off the back of the cutouts or, large posters with the lines printed on the back.

Cub 1: (Holding train engine) When engineering a project, keep on the right track, This way you never will be caught slack.

Cub 2: (holding canoe) As the wise old Indian would say to you, learn to paddle your own canoe.

Cub 3: (holding covered wagon) The covered wagon served folks well in its day, But don’t get in a rut -you won’t go far that way.

Cub 4: (holding plane cutout) To guide your life, like a good pilot you’ll find It’s important to keep an open mind.

Cub 5: (holding car) If spinning your wheels causes a terrible rumbling, You may not be moving, but just sitting there grumbling.

Cub 6: (holding space ship) Just as an astronaut flies into space, With a lot of determination, you can go anyplace.

(Cub Scouts prop cutouts against the back wall and join hands in the Living Circle while the Den Chief reads the following:)

Den Chief: Just like the cars in a train, we’re joined together as one; We do our best to help the pack go while having Cub Scout fun And when it’s time to part and each takes a separate trail, We’ll do our best for God and Country -in that we will not fail. We remember our Cub Scout Promise in everything we do, Won’t you all please join us as we pledge ourselves anew.

(Leads all in Cub Scout Promise)