Friendship Circle
Posted On: 2020-12-08

Set-Up: Each Cub has a 3-foot section of rope joined with a square knot to that of the boy on his left.

The Ceremony:

The boys form a circle

Then they tie the knots

Then the boys hold the rope with their left hands and pull back to form a taut circle.

Cubmaster: You are now a part of a group of close friends, held together by a square knot, a symbol of friendship.

Asst CM Let us give our “Cub Scout Promise” followed by the “Pledge of Allegiance".

Sam Houston also had this in their book as a
closing ending with these words instead of
the Pledge of Allegiance:

Instruct the boys to either untie their knot or everyone may place the circle on the floor and step back to be dismissed.

As a final word, the Cubmaster might ask them to say the Cub Scout Motto: Do Your Best.