Feed The Fire
Posted On: 2020-12-08


(Everyone should be given a small twig (toothpicks) prior to the ceremony. The sound of a tom-tom is heard. Akela the Indian Chief is sitting at a campfire. Medicine Man enters slowly and majestically carrying a peace pipe and stands beside the fire. He raises his hand in the Cub Scout sign at which time a loud crash ends the beating of the tom-tom. Medicine Man lights the peace pipe at the campfire and walks slowly to East, West, North, and South, lifting the pipe high in the air at each point. He passes the peace pipe to Akela and stands at his left, arms folded. Akela rises and raises a pipe as he speaks.)

AKELA: The spirit of Cub Scouting burns here as it does in the hearts of Cub Scouts everywhere.

May it continue to burn brightly in your heats during the weeks to come as you leave our pack meeting.

Please stand and follow my actions.

May the Great Spirit (make Cub Scout sign - as words are spoken, fingers make small circles like rising smoke) bring sunshine (make a sign for the sun - index finger and thumb form circle with arm out to right) into my heart (place hand over heart) now (put both hands alongside, palms facing forward) and forevermore (bring hands up from sides with palms up) in great measure (bring palms together and then apart as if measuring.)

Now as you leave, please feed your twigs to the fire so that it may continue to burn brightly for many more years.