Everyone Is Essential - Closing
Posted On: 2020-12-08


Arrangements: Three broomsticks, staves, PVC pipes, etc., a large rubber band. A Cub Scout, his parent, and the Cubmaster each hold one stick.

Cubmaster: "Our pack program has three elements, each of which is essential for its success. First, of course, is the boy (Scout brings Stick forward). This stick represents the fine boys in this pack, but it needs help to stand.

This stick I am holding is the second element (attaches his stick to the first stick with a rubber band while speaking). This stick is the Scouting program and the wonderful leaders who work so hard to keep the program going.  But, you see, the program still can't stand on its own.

The third stick represents the parents of the boys in our pack (parent brings stick forward). Parents are critical to making our Scouting program successful (CM attaches third stick to others). Now, you see, this makes the program strong, so it can stand on its own. Everyone working together is essential -- nobody can leave the job to others."