Day's End
Posted On: 2020-12-04


1st CUB: Often when the day is done and in my bed, I lay, (put palms together, place hands to cheek.. and tilt head to the side as if asleep).

2nd CUB: I ask myself a question, did I do my best today? (Make a big question mark in the air with a pointed finger.)

3rd CUB: Did I wear a cheery smile as I went on my way? (Big smile)

4th CUB: Or a frown that hurt a friend along the way? (Big frown)

5th CUB: Did I help a dear one that depended on me today? (With palm up make a gesture of extending it to the audience)

6th CUB: Or was I much too busy going my own selfish way? (Use both hands as if to brush it away with fingers up)

7th CUB: Tomorrow I will remember to be helpful and obey. (Place palms together as if in prayer)

8th CUB: Then I can with honesty say, I did my best today! (Give Cub Scout salute)