Cub Scout Bird Watchers #2
Posted On: 2020-12-04


PERSONNEL: Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Scout, Arrow of Light recipient, Cubmaster or Den Leader.

EQUIPMENT: Large poster with the picture of a hummingbird, a sparrow, a robin, a hawk, and an eagle. Parts may be read from back of each.

ARRANGEMENT: Cubs are off stage and enter one at a time to say his part. Each Cub enters to center stage, holds the poster for all to see and says (or reads from back of poster) his part.

BOBCAT CUB: I am a Bobcat Cub. Like the tiny hummingbird, I must work hard to achieve the recognition of my fellow Cubs.

WOLF CUB: I am a Wolf Cub. I have learned may basic skills that will help me to do things in life just as the small sparrow can do many things for himself.

BEAR CUB: I am a Bear Cub. I have many colors on my chest to show my accomplishments (Points to badges of rank and arrow points) just like the brightly colored robin's breast.

WEBELOS: I am a Webelos Scout. I have learned much along the Cub Scout trail that will make me strong and independent like the hawk.

A OF LIGHT: I am earning the Arrow of Light which is the highest recognition in Cub Scouting. As the eagle is a proud and mighty bird, I am also proud of my accomplishments and my American heritage.

CUBMASTER: Just as we have watched the many species of bird found in our environment, we have also watched the Cubs advance along the Scouting trail.