Bugs & Things Closing
Posted On: 2020-11-27

You can learn a lot about life by watching insects.  Have you ever taken the time to watch a colony of ants?  They are always busy, working together, doing what needs to be done without complaining.  The Greek writer Aesop told a story about the ants and the grasshopper.  All summer long the ants worked hard to gather and store food for the winter.  Meanwhile, the grasshopper wasted its time, playing and singing in the long grass.  In the fall, when the rain came and the cold wind blew, the grasshopper became hungry and asked the ants for something to eat, but by that time the ants only had enough food for themselves.  There is an important lesson in this insect story for us.  Work is a good thing.  It brings a sense of purpose and accomplishment to our lives, and we all need that.  And working together with others – as the ants do – makes it possible for us to get more done than we could do by ourselves.  There is a time for playing and singing, but there is also a time for working.  Always make time in your life for both.