Bug Closing
Posted On: 2020-11-27


Personnel: 8 Cub Scouts

Equipment: Each with a poster of a bug

1st Cub There was a little bug who had the blues, And he cried because he had no shoes. 

2nd Cub: He walked around with six bare feet, and hid them when other bugs he would meet.

3rd Cub: Such a small, sad bug was he, until one day he chanced to see,

4th Cub: A happy, wiggly worm crawl by, with a smile as big as the sky.

5th Cub: That really made the bug feel bad, for all the time that he was sad.

6th Cub: And just because he had no shoes that worm didn't even have feet for shoes!

7th Cub: The little bug is smiling now because he finally learned how,

8th Cub: To always be thankful for what you've got no matter how little, no matter what!