A Spark Of Genius
Posted On: 2020-11-11

Each Cub is holding a large cardboard light bulb painted yellow with cardboard rays fastened around the edge or use yellow pipe cleaners for rays.  The light bulbs are made that when the bottom is folded up and the light bulb is turned over it turns into a sun coming up.

Cub 1 - Everyone has a spark of genius in them just wanting to be lit.

Cub 2 - If they'll jump into things and not just sit.

Cub 3 - Although we may not go down in history as the genius of our day.

Cub 4 - We can help others in this world to travel life's way.

Cub 5 - By sharing our sparks or genius with others that we know.

Cub 6 - Thus helping ideas, along the way to grow and glow.

Cub 7 - Remember the spark of an idea we may share with a friend.

Cub 8 - Can be added to by others and become the genius idea in the end.

All - And we can be happy because we helped in our small way, just as we in Den ___ have each had a part in this thought for the day.

All Cubs then fold up the bottom of the bulbs as described above and turn them over to make suns and say "May you have a good night and even brighter tomorrow".