A Guiding Star Closing
Posted On: 2020-11-11


PERSONNEL: Akela; 8 Cub Scouts

EQUIPMENT: Small campfire; blue paper or cardboard three feet square, with cutouts for stars in Big

Dipper and the North Star; 8 small or pen-type flashlights, one for each Cub Scout.

ARRANGEMENT: Akela and 8 Cub Scouts stand near the campfire with the figure of the Big Dipper and North Star at one side of the fire. Cub Scouts stand behind the figure with lights that they flash behind their star in the Big Dipper as they speak.

Akela: For thousands of years, people have grouped the stars together as figures in constellations. This was probably done by the early shepherds as they lay on the grass looking at the sky while tending their sheep. There they could see pictures of heroes, kings, queens, men, maidens, and monsters in the stars. The constellation we know best is the Big Dipper.

Taking the stars that form the outer edge of the Big Dipper sight upward and the bright star you see is the North Star, which for centuries has been the guiding star for travelers. 

(1st Cub Scout flashes his light in the cutout for the North Star.)

It remains in the same place all the time. Let the North Star represent our God. Keep your eyes on the North Star. Each star in the Big Dipper can help you keep your eyes on the North Star - to become your guide for living. Then let your light shine that you can help others find the way.

Now, each of seven Cub Scouts will tell what each star in the Big Dipper represents to him in his quest to find the guiding star.

(As they speak, they flash their light behind their star.)

2nd Cub Scout: The Holy Bible.

3rd Cub Scout: My minister, pastor, priest, or Rabbi.

4th Cub Scout: My mother and father.

5th Cub Scout: The Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

6th Cub Scout: My den leader.

7th Cub Scout: My Cubmaster.

8th Cub Scout: My den chief.

Akela: All of these are excellent guides for us to follow on our Cub Scout trail. Let each one help you as you travel onward. Good night.




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