A Closing Ceremony for Fathers
Posted On: 2020-11-11

Personnel: 7 Cubs, 3 Fathers
Equipment: Game, Jackknife, book or pet, fishing pole

1ST Cub: "What shall you give to one small boy?  A glamorous game (holds up game), a tinseled toy,"
2nd Cub: "A Barlow knife (holds up jackknife), a puzzle pack, a train that runs on curving tracks?"
3rd Cub: "A picture book (holds up the book), a real live pet… No, there's plenty of time for such things yet."
4th Cub: "Give him a day of his very own - Just one small boy and his dad alone (looks up at his father)."
5th Cub: "A walk in the woods, a romp in the park, a fishing trip (holds up the fishing pole) from dawn to dark."
6th Cub: "Give the gift that only you can - The companionship of his Old Man" (looks up at father and takes hand).
7th Cub: "Games are outgrown, and toys decoy - But he'll never forget if you give him a day."  (Takes his father's hand and walks off with all boys).





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