Sea Adventure Opening
Posted On: 2020-11-11


S - is for SCOUTING, a well-rounded activity.

E - is for EACH Cub Scout doing his best all the time.

A - is for AWARENESS of our duty to God and Country.

A - is for ALL people working together.

D - is for DEPENDABLE, which we always are.

V - is for VIGOROUS, what we are at work or play.

E -is for the EXCITEMENT of our activities.

N - is for our NATION, of which we are all proud.

T - is for THOUGHTFUL, which a Cub Scout strives to be.

U - is for UNITED, as we all work and play.

R - is for RECOGNITION, for jobs well done.

E - is for the ENTHUSIASM we have for our daily good turns.

S - is for SERVICE to our community.




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