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Paint Us A Masterpiece

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NARRATOR:-We are honored to have as our guests a group of famous artists who are going to combine their efforts and talents to paint us a great masterpiece.

As they are introduced. They will tell you what their contributions will be.

Artist 1: I will paint for you the tradition and charm of New England, showing you the fishing and boating industries of it's rugged coast and it’s historic heritage, (each boy step behind curtain when finished talking)

Artist 2: I will portray through my brush the tremendous harbors of New York City, the hodge-podge of peoples from many lands that make up it’s teeming population.

Artist 3: My artistry will show you the charm of our Southland, the beauty of it’s magnolias and azaleas, the strength of it’s struggle through and after the Civil War years, and the contrast of the serenity of Kentucky Blue Grass gentility with New Orleans at Mardi Gras time.

Artist 4: May I add to our canvas just a little of the beauty of our great Mid-West; Chicago’s cosmopolitan Michigan Avenue; the automobile capitol of the world, our own beautiful Detroit; the waving grain and the rolling plains; and the deep blue of the lakes of Minnesota.

Artist 5: Our great Western beauty will be a task to portray. No mere picture can convey the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the beauty of the Painted Desert, the expansiveness of Texas or the splendor of the Colorado Rockies; the fantastic land of geysers in Yellowstone Park, or the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Artist 6: Our beautiful West Coast reaches from the hot Mexican border to the colder snows of Alaska. In between we tint Hollywood’s glamour, the Golden Gate of San Francisco, majestic redwood and sequoia trees and Washington’s tremendous Mount Rainier. Where once rough, tough gold prospectors were found in Alaska, now tourists spend happy summers seeing, among other things, the Ice Age that still grips most of it’s coast.

Artist 7: I will complete our picture with famous Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, who’s base is now ringed tight by the exotic metropolis of Honolulu in our newest state, Hawaii.

NARRATOR:And now for the unveiling. May I present our masterpiece!

As the curtains are slowly parted and "America, the Beautiful" is played, the flag is solemnly shown, with "artist" saluting. (Boys could be dressed in smocks and caps holding an artist’s palate.)

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