By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2021-10-21


CM: As we meet some dinosaurs, ask yourself—do any of these resemble me?


1. Show a picture of STEGOSAURUS. This is STINGY STEGO. He’s big and greedy. He thinks he should always be first in line, first to eat, first to do everything. He acts like he’s the only one that is important.



2. Show a picture of ALLOSAURUS. This is POUTASAURUS. He is never happy, but always discouraged and blue about something. He blames himself when someone can’t play even if they have something else to do.




3. Picture of TRACHODON. This is a TATTLEACHODON. He doesn’t play well with others because he is always looking to catch them doing something wrong. He imagines things and tattles on them. How sad!


4. Picture of TYRANNOSAURUS. This is RUDE REX. He wants to be the center of attention. He doesn’t say please or thank you, and he butts in and pushes to get where he is going. He burps and thinks it's funny.


5. Picture of TRICERATOPS. This is POKEYCERATOPS. He is always late because he finds things to do at the last minute. He doesn’t care that others are waiting for him and wasting their time.


CM: I’m glad all those creatures are extinct. We can choose how to behave. Let’s all do our best!


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Great Salt Lake Council