Our Country Is Different In Many Ways
Posted On: 2020-11-09


DEN LEADER: The Cub Scout promises to do his duty to his country. Our country is different in many ways from other countries. We would like to review for you some of the things that are different but that makes it the greatest country in the world.

1ST CUB SCOUT: We call it the United States, and we're bound together by our Constitution and our language. Yet in many ways, we're a group of separate kingdoms.

2ND CUB SCOUT: We practice more than 250 different religions and observe thousands of different hunting laws, tax laws, and labor laws.

3RD CUB SCOUT: Our land grows palm trees and pine; redwoods and beech; plum; vanishing key deer and whooping cranes.

4TH CUB SCOUT: Our people say "you all" and "youse".

5TH CUB SCOUT: We catch shrimp and sell stocks - live in lean-to's, sky-scrapers, and stucco bungalows.

6TH CUB SCOUT: We are a very diverse land, but these are some of the things that make the United States great.

7TH CUB SCOUT: Let us rise and sing, "America the Beautiful."