Other Lands
Posted On: 2020-11-09


NARRATOR: This month the dens have been learning about other countries. They have played games and made crafts from different lands. They have learned other customs and found out about Scouting in other countries. Please stand as Den ______ brings in the flags from around the world.

Have flags from other countries flanked between American and Pack Flag when on stage.

____________(Boy’s name) carries the flag representing our Country (American)

____________ carries the flag representing the East (Germany)

____________ carries the flag representing the South (Mexico)

____________ carries the flag representing the West (Japan)

____________ carries the flag representing the North (Canada)

____________ carries the flag representing Scouting (Pack Flag)

Do Not Post Colors At This Time

CUB 2: From the East where the sun rises in the morning.

CUB 3: From the South where the birds fly for winter.

CUB 4: From the West where the sun sets at night.

CUB 5: From the North where the star is the brightest.

CUB 6: From our Pack full of happy Cub Scouts.

As the Pledge of Allegiance is being repeated. All other country flags are slightly lowered and attention is given to the American Flag.

CUB 1: And, from America the land of the free. Please repeat the Pledge of Allegiance with me!



The Pack and American Flag remain at front of the room. The other flags are taken to the back of the room for display.




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