My Pocket
Posted On: 2020-11-05

My pocket is a special place

That's full of all neat things,

What Mom once called old junk

To me's like diamond rings.

I gather things as I walk home

In case they're gone tomorrow

'Cause you'll never know just when

Someone has a need to borrow.

The things that go in my ol' pocket

Say more than words can say

They tell about things important

To me from day to day.

They are not money or expensive goods

I don't need them right now.

It's more important to find a stone

Or a broken piece of plow.

Someday I won't see things like

I see things now, you know.

I'll get too tied up in the world

To see the wildflowers grow.

So while I can collect neat things

And put them in my pocket

Please don't think it's yuck or dumb

And please don't go and mock it.