Posted On: 2019-04-11

EQUIPMENT: Each group or boy should carry a sign with the name of the mountain. The ears of each mountain should be as follows:

Green Mountaineers - huge green paper ears attached to a persons real ears

Rock Mountaineers - small rocks tied on strings and hung over the ears

- large white paper ears attached to a persons real ears

Smoky Mountaineers - corncob pipes on a string hung over ears

Cold Mountaineers - ear muffs on ears

>GROUP 1: We're Green Mountaineers, we're Green Mountaineers, As you can see, we have green ears. We're Green Mountaineers, Vermont's our state, And we sing her praises from early to late.

>GROUP 2: Our rocky earrings are quite unique. These rocks came from a famous peak. We're Rocky Mountaineers and we tell you brothers, We love our mountains above all others. 

>GROUP 3: We're White Mountaineers ..... our ears are white. The view from our mountains is a gorgeous sight. We're White Mountaineers; we're White Mountaineers.

>GROUP 4: These pipes on our ears are just a joke! We love our mountains wreathed in smoke. We're Smoky Mountaineers; it's plain to see, We hail from North Carolina and Tennessee.

>GROUP 5: No doubt you have noticed ear muffs on our ears 'Cause we're from Alaska and we're cold mountaineers. We're cold Mountaineers; we shiver as we spent We climbed Mt. McKinley, America's highest peak.




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