I Promise - Closing
By: Longhorn Council Posted On: 2020-05-29

(One boy steps forward and recites each line of the Cub Scout Promise.
Another boy recites the accompanying verse)

I promise: An assurance I make, a pledge to do right. I keep it before me, a
bright shining light.

To do my best: I promise to try, then folks will believe in me.

To do my duty to God: To God, the creator, I'm sure you will agree. So let's keep
it always, the Land of the Free.

To help other people: If I am helpful, faithful, and just; then I'm deserving of
everyone's trust.

And to obey the Law of the Pack: A guide for each day, as we go on our way.

And a good one to know, as we follow and grow.

NARRATOR: In closing now, let us remember the full meaning of that saying:
tonight, we'd like to leave a closing thought with you which is entitled:

"A Hundred Years From Now"

A hundred years from now, ‘twill not matter at all,
What your bank account was, whether large or small.

The kind of house you lived in, ‘twill be immaterial, too,
as will the kind of car you drove, and the famous folks you knew.

But the world may be a better place, because those boys you did not fail,
because you gave your time to scouting, to guide future leaders down life’s trail.

So keep that scouting light shining, as a beacon light for each boy,
then in years to come you’ll see them as men, who fill them with pride and joy.

Yes, Scouting is that boy.

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