Cub Scout's Pledge To Himself - Opening
By: Longhorn Council Posted On: 2020-06-05

Arrangement: Pack flag is placed in center of stage. Ten Cub Scouts in uniform,
in turn, come on stage, stand near the pack flag and recite one of the statements
below. Upon finishing, each Cub Scout salutes the Pack and retires to rear of
stage, where a horseshoe is formed.

1ST CUB: May I grow in character and ability as I grow in size.

2ND CUB: May I be honest with myself and others in what I do and say.

3RD CUB: May I learn and practice my religion.

4TH CUB: May I always honor my parents, my elders and my leaders.

5TH CUB: May I develop high moral principles and the courage to live by

6TH CUB: May I strive for health in body, mind and spirit.

7TH CUB: May I always respect the rights of others.

8TH CUB: May I set a good example so that others may enjoy and profit from
my company.

9TH CUB: May I give honest effort to my work.

10TH CUB: May I regard my education as preparation for the future.

(As the last Scout finishes his lines and completes the horseshoe formation
behind Pack flag, all 10 boys join hands for the Living Circle and repeat the

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