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Fiesta Advancement
By: Longhorn Council Posted On: 2010-10-12

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster (Ideally dressed in sombrero with shawl over

EQUIPMENT: Pinata filled with awards

CUBMASTER: In following our theme for this month which is Fiesta, tonight I
would like to honor those Cub Scout senors who have completed requirements
for various awards over the past month.

Would senors (Call out names of those receiving Bobcat), and their parents
please come forward?

(Cubmaster reaches into pinata, presents badges, etc. to Bobcats)

Continue presenting awards in like manner. After all awards are presented, the
Cubmaster states; Cub Scouts, we are all proud of you for the accomplishments
you have achieved this month.

You obviously have been skipping your siestas in order to earn these awards!
Congratulations and muy bien - keep. up the good work. (If not a large pack,
have pinata filled with wrapped candy, and after awards are presented, seal it up,
hang it, and allow all boys to form a circle-and break it open).

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean


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