Caveman Opening
By: Longhorn Council Posted On: 2020-06-10

CUB #l : The early caveman used fire to protect himself from wild beasts and to
warm his body.

CLTB #2: In ancient times the Phoenicians used fire on mountain tops or high
pillars as beacons for their ships.

CUB #3: The American Indian used fire to hollow logs for his boats, to fire
pottery, and for ceremonial purposes.

CUB #4: The pioneer used fire to forge rims for his wheels and bolts to build
wagons. The silhouette of the village blacksmith against fire was a common eight
in early America.

CUB #5: The cowboys in the old west sat around the campfire with a pot of
coffee and a pan of beans entertaining themselves by singing ballads of the trail.

CUB #6: Fire today makes the wheels of commerce and industry turn. In
essence, fire is. putting men on the moon.

CUB #7: Fire is the universal symbol of Scout camping.. The fellowship around
the campfire is one of the most lasting memories in the life of a Scout.

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