Chocolate Orange Zest Cake
By: SCCC Posted On: 2019-11-28

6-8 oranges
1 Chocolate Cake Mix (eggs, water, and oil as required)
Icing (optional)

Use a lemon zester, grater or microplane to grate some of the orange peel. Cut a hat off the top of each orange, and remove the orange contents from within the peel, without ripping or poking a hole in the peel. (The orange fruit may be eaten as a snack or used for another purpose.)

Prepare the cake mix as directed, and add the orange zest (peel). Fill the orange ½ full with the mix. Cover with the orange peel hat, and then wrap it all in foil. Place on the fire pit grill, and let bake for approx. 10 minutes (may take more or less time, depending on heat conditions). Open carefully, and voila! You have a tasty treat. Put on some icing if you wish, but not necessary with the orange flavoring.

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