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The Outdoors

Affordable Camping Gear Secrets To Having Fun While Saving
Going camping is an enjoyable event that creates memories for a lifetime. Being able to find affordable, quality camping gear makes taking that camping trip that much easier. Camping is ...

Campfire Magic
Compiled byScouter Stewart Bowman8th Whitby Scout Troop Whitby District Lakeridge Region Ontario, Canada November 1992INTRODUCTIONThe following compilation of "Magic Campfire Starts" has been collected over a period of years and ...

Campfire Plan
It is very likely that a boy's-or an adult's-fondest memories of his Scouting experiences are of the times he sat around an evening's campfire with some of his best buddies. ...

Cast Iron Cookware For Camping When Durability Counts
If durability is what you are after when selecting camping cookware, then you should consider cast iron cookware for camping. Cast iron cookware for camping will not only last you ...

Handy Hints For Camping
Handy Sleeping Bag Hint A handy hint for making the most of your sleeping bag no matter what quality it is, is to get a bed sheet made [ sewn ...

Not All Camp Pads And Mattresses Are Created Equally Camping Pads
Have you ever woke up from a not so restful night under the stars and walked out of your tent with the realization that you are unable to stand straight. ...

Pink Champagne Punch
1 12-ounce bottle white grape juice 1 6-ounce can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed 1 16-ounce pkg. frozen whole strawberries, thawed 1 12-ounce can lemon-lime soda, chilled ...

Ranchers Bread
1 Envelope Yeast 1/3 Cup Sugar 1 1/2 Cups warm water (not hot) 5 Cups flour 1 Cup sourdough starter 3 tbsp cooking oil 2 tsp salt Dissolve yeast in ...


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