Magic Flag Ceremony
Posted On: 2020-11-05


MATERIALS: Dry ice (1 lb.), Water, American flag, Plastic bowl, Large pot, Bottles Food coloring, Wooden Spoon, Milk/shoe polish, Six Cub Scouts

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill disposable bottles 3/4 full of water. Color red, white, and blue with food coloring and milk (or shoe polish). Place dry ice in an empty plastic bowl and put the bowl inside the pot. Be sure it does not show. Place the flag in the pot, around the bowl. (care should be taken to protect the flag from soiling or desecration during this procedure)

1ST CUB SCOUT: We have a recipe for this meeting that tells the ingredients of our flag's true meaning.

2ND CUB SCOUT: We add red, for courage. (Now he slowly pours the red water into the plastic bowl and the dry ice causes smoke and vapor to rise.)

3RD CUB SCOUT: We add white for truth. (He adds the white water to the bowl, pouring slowly.)

4TH CUB SCOUT: Finally we add blue for honor. (He adds his blue water slowly to the bowl)

1ST CUB SCOUT: We think you will agree these are pretty special ingredients. (He stirs with the wooden spoon.)

5th and 6th Cub Scouts step forward, grasp the ends of the flag and slowly pull it out of the pot, making it seem like they are pulling it out of tie vapor. They hold the flag aloft as the other Cub Scouts salute and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.