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Magic Fires Of Honor, Duty, Courage

body len: 1228

SETTING: (Cubmaster or other leader enters dressed as Merlin, the magician and reads the following from a scroll)

My Lords and Ladies, To you, who, over the countless years hold aloft the honor and spirit of Scouting, I bring you greetings. I am Merlin, the magician. Tonight I have been commissioned by my lord and liege, King Arthur, to take you one a journey back through the years to the Court of Camelot. All that you will need to make this journey safely is to close your eyes when I tell you, and keep them closed until you hear the trumpets. It is important that you do exactly as I say, for if you open your eyes too soon, you could be lost somewhere between here and there.

First, I must light the magic fires.......

(1st candle) I light the Fires of Honor

(2nd candle) I light the Fires of Duty

(3rd candle) I light the Fires of Courage

Now we are ready for our journey. Close your eyes. (pause)

(read the following getting slower and softer towards the end)

Oh, magic fires burning bright,

Take us swiftly beyond this night,

Let us through the centuries fly

'Til, Yea, a thousand years go by.

Eyes are closed 'til trumpets sound

For only then is Camelot found.....

Eyes are closed 'til trumpets sound


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