The Flag Speaks
Posted On: 2019-12-28


PERSONNEL: Talking American Flag and One Girl Scout
EQUIPMENT: American flag and if possible, two microphones connected to a PA System.
ARRANGEMENT: Place the American flag on stage with a microphone nearby. A Girl Scout acting as the voice of flag is located off stage with a second microphone.

(Girl Scout strolls on stage, passes by the flag; as the Flag speaks, Girl Scout slowly turns to look at Flag)

FLAG: Hello, Girl Scout.
GIRL: (Acts surprised and looks around) Who said that?
FLAG: I, The Flag of your country.
GIRL: A talking Flag? That’s new.
FLAG: Of course I can talk. I’ve always been able to but you couldn’t hear me.
GIRL: Oh! What have you been trying to tell us?
FLAG: For one thing, how proud I am of my fifty states. What states added my last two stars?
GIRL: Alaska and Hawaii.
FLAG: Right! History was made in your parent’s and grandparent’s time.
GIRL: What state was the forty-eighth star?
FLAG: That was Arizona in 1912
GIRL: Tell me more.
FLAG: What do you want me to tell you?
GIRL: Tell me about your history.
FLAG: Okay. When the colonist came I was the Queen Ann Flag,
all red with a Union Jack. Then I changed to the Grand Union Flag and my red changed to seven red stripes and six white stripes, making thirteen stripes; but I still had the Union Jack. I was first raised over General George Washington’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in January 1776, as the standard of the Continental Army. After our country became a new nation, I changed to Old Glory and still had the thirteen stripes but added a circle of thirteen stars on a field of blue in place of the Union Jack. From 1794 to 1818 I had fifteen stars and fifteen stripes and was called the Star-Spangled Banner when Francis Scott Key wrote our National Anthem. Then the years rolled along and in 1818 the stripes were reduced to the thirteen and from then on a star was added for each new state that joined the Union, until there are fifty stars today.
GIRL: What a wonderful story! Please rise while we say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of our country.
GIRL: Please join me in singing the Star-Spangled Banner.