Candles of Friendship
Posted On: 2019-12-28


Formation: Horseshoe around a table.

Equipment: Thirteen candles, logs or wood candleholders.

Ceremony: As each girl speaks, she lights a candle.

Speaking Parts:


Girl Scout 1: "We light the candles of Friendship."


Girl Scout 2: "These are the symbols of our pledge as Girl Scouts."


Girl Scout 3: "Our flames are small and burn steady and bright."


Girl Scout 4: "We light them with thoughts of friendship glowing and steadily burning in our


Girl Scout 5: "We watch the glowing flames with hopeful hearts, for children here and abroad, that they may enjoy all the rights of the child."


Girl Scout 6: "For the Founder of all Guiding and Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell."


Girl Scout 7: "For the Founder of Girl Scouting in the United States of America, Juliette Gordon Low."


Girl Scout 8: "This candle is for the hope of peace in every land."


Girl Scout 9: "This one is for service to our country."


Girl Scout 10: "For all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides wherever they may be."


Girl Scout 11: "This one says, 'Good luck to all who are away."


Girl Scout 12: "For the Girl Scout Law."


Girl Scout 13: "This is for the Promise we make as Girl Scouts together."


Girl Scout 14: "Let us now renew our Girl Scout Promise."





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