Spirit of Friendship
Posted On: 2019-12-28


Supplies:         five candles

NARRATOR: A friend is a jewel that shines brightest in the darkness.


SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP: (lights candle)

Give me my eyes the will to see,

My friend for what she is to me.

It's not her creed or shade of skin

That makes her heart to mine akin.


NARRATOR: We are all strangers to each other until one of us puts out her hand and makes a friend.

If, for others, we must care,
Our hearts should be open and ready to share.
No other person will we shun
Because we’re sisters to everyone.

NARRATOR: A true friend has qualities that she readily shares with another person to allow the friendship to grow.


Come forth understanding and obtain your light and let it shine to the outermost parts of the earth.

UNDERSTANDING: (lights candle)
To be accepted, to be understood
To make some contribution of real worth
To feel a mutual bond of sisterhood

With girls of every race upon the earth.


Come forth love and obtain your light and let it shine in the hearts of all girls.

LOVE:              (lights candle)
Help us see beyond mere race or creed,

Beyond false pride which tears our world apart,

That girls, as individuals have need

Deep rooted, basic in every human heart.


Come forth tolerance and obtain your light and let it shine through the actions of everyone.

TOLERANCE: (lights candle)
Clothe us with humility
That we may truly come to understand
The worth of human personality

Transcends the bounds of color, creed or land.




Come forth truth and obtain your light and never let it be extinguished.

TRUTH: (lights candle)
 In compassion, make us whole,

Teach us to walk in peace as sisters should -

That truth and wisdom shall expand the soul

Toward a universal sisterhood.

NARRATOR: Let there be peace in all the earth
And in our lives, we say.
Let us express harmony
And love from day to day.
Not by our might, not by our power
But by inner faith --good---

Shall nations ‘round the world be saved

And know true sisterhood.